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Our Affirmation Beeswax Candle is a great way to affirm yourself and allow yourself time to feel the affirmations which you speak. This candle has been charged under the full moon with positive vibrations. Our Affirmation Candle has a flower resin bottom with 7 oz of Beeswax. The essential oils in this candle include Bergamot and Ylang Ylang. As you light the candle, the two daily affirmations will appear within the candle wax. 


This candle can be used as a part of your morning meditation ritual.


Money Affirmations - "Money flows to me freely. Prosperity is drawn to me."

Protection Affirmations - "I am surrounded by protection. I attract positive vibrations"

Positive Affirmations - "I create my own happiness. I radiate unconditional love."




**Note** Resin and material used for message are both heat resistant. 

Affirmation Candle

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