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Our Revitalize gives you a great boost for your immune system, with our special blend of Elderberry, Ginger Root, Astragulus Root, Rosehips and Echinacea. Keep your health in good shape by making sure your immune system strong enough to fight off viruses. 


1tsp and 7 teabags included.

Use 1-2 tsp per 8oz of water

Steep apprx 8-10 minutes


SKU: 2704
  • -Do not microwave tea; you want to maintain the medicinal properties in the herbs. Radiation from the microwave will eliminate that.

    -Do not add tea to boiling water; Boiling water will also weaken the integrity of the healing properties

    -Over Steeping will create a bitter tasting tea, it's ok to remove the tea bag, and add it back. 

    -If you have to use sweetener try to use something natural like honey, agave, etc..

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